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The Vortec-head (L31) 350 started in '96 and ran thru '98 in the trucks and '99 in Tahoes and Suburbans. '88-'95 used TBI with the low performance TBI heads. The difference is also, as stated earlier, different flexplate and balancer, and a one piece rear main seal.

TBI is very sensitive to camshafts...if you want more power, change the heads. Those truck heads are very restrictive. I would say the biggest cam I've used is the xe262 computer cam from Comp. But I change the heads, so this helps power alot. I also use a 6" rod to lighten the piston, and KB pistons.
chev 350 v8 1985 - 1994 reco tbi long engine with tinware # reco-350-tbi . engine has been bored and honed. re-ground crank, new camshaft, new lifters, new timing chain & gear set, new pistons, new rings, new bearings. and fully reconditioned complete heads. freight will be calculated by location. please call for assistance
Top-End Engine Kit, Super Street Series, Assembled Cylinder Heads, Intake Manifold, Black Valve Covers, Chevy, 327, 350, 400, Kit Part Number: SDM-1-435-005 Not Yet Reviewed
May 10, 2019 · Edelbrock Performer-Plus Camshaft Kit – 350-2102: These are designed to provide torque from low end to midrange. The main job of a camshaft is to offer smooth idling. Edelbrock Head Gasket Set – 350-7361: This component is used as a sealing component between a cylinder head and cylinder block. Its job is to prevent engine fluids from ...
drill and re-tap production blocks if you run a Super Duty head. Super Duty blocks already have 1/2 head bolt holes. ARP offers head bolts for use with the Super Duty head. A Super Duty head on a production block is a far better match than a production head on a Super Duty block Pontiac 2.5 Cam Information 1984-87 cams have the oil pump drive gear.
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Has anyone ever messed with one? What I've gotten myself into is building a 350 motor up with a hotter cam. Why the owner didn't want to do more is
May 01, 2007 · On my 94 GMC 2500 with the 350 V8 TBI, I got really bad gas milage as well. I put a k&n air filter on it, complete tune-up, ran some injector cleaner through it, and a flowmaster dual exhaust. The stock system chokes back that 350 so much that you need to open it up. I got about 12-13 in the city and 16-18 on the highway after that.
The Chevy cylinder head casting codes are one of the best ways to identify a Chevy cylinder head. It is usually found on the top of the head in between two valves and the rocker arm studs. Choose Group to View Cylinder Head Codes Select Cylinder Head Group ALL Head Codes 262, 265, 267 302, 305 or 307 302 Only 327 350 400
ED, You are %100 correct. Very few people back when this engine was popular, realized the heads were different than 350 heads. It was a simple thing, but lots of guys put after market heads on the ...
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  • Sep 29, 2005 · NEW 350 (5.7) CHEVY ROLLER CAMSHAFT This (NOS) new roller camshaft is out of the vortec engine made for marine applications. It comes with the fuel pump lobe so that it can be used for the fuel injected or carburated applications. This is a new take out camshaft. GM part# 14097395. Specs are a little better than normal Gm stock roller cams.
  • Factory cam on the flat tappet TBI engines is smaller than a standard 350 carbed cam 390 int 410 exh. The cam just mentioned or a 305 HO (403/415)cam is a good replacement for a TBI 350. So is the Edelbrock 420/442 lift cam. Much bigger than that and you really start to lose your bottom end torque.
  • PAIR NEW GM 5.7 OHV 350 V8 Cylinder Heads TBI 191/193/ 217 87-95 Fuel Injected Assembled. CORE RETURN REQUIRED. PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR AREA CODE AND TELEPHONE NUMBER. Clearwater Cylinder Head, Inc. thoroughly cleans, inspects, and pressure tests all our cylinder heads.
  • This cam would be nice on stock L31 heads due to their lift limitations, if you use the Vortec Bowtie heads, use a cam with higher lift, or add 1 7:1 rockers on teh LT4 cam for about .506"/.510" lift or you can setp up to the ZZ4 cam with its 208°/221° duration at 0.050" and lift of .474"/.510" with 1.5:1 rocker or even better ad some 1.55 or ...
  • The wire colors are the same as the factory wire colors for car and truck TBI injected engines. The harness will work with almost any of the GM TBI ECMs that do not have the electronic shifting 4L60E or 4L80E transmission, however it will control the torque converter lock up when applicable for the 700R4 and 200R4 transmissions.

1988-1992 TPI TBI Alternator Wiring Harness Connector - Fits Camaro Firebird Rating * Select Rating 1 star (worst) 2 stars 3 stars (average) 4 stars 5 stars (best) Name

Level 1 Stage 1 SUM-8719 Pro LS High-lift Truck Swap Cam and Beehive spring kit: 209/217 112+1 .550 /.550 Lift, 3-bolt, 4.8 5.3 6.0 6.2 L LQ4 LQ9 L92 Part Number: SUM-8719-1 Not Yet Reviewed These TBI engines hit their stride in 1987 as the engineering refined. Chevrolet V8’s built from 1955 through 2005 were of the Generation I or I+ designation. Even though these motors were throttle-body and multipoint injected since the mid-eighties, they were still based on the same block design.
As far as cam for low-end really depends on the skill of the tuner, your gear ratio, tire size and torque converter. I really prefer a straight or single pattern cam for the intake flow limited TBI heads. The TBI heads will never turn massive RPM or flow well much over .450. Re: 350 tbi, vortec heads, mild cam.... by Rickracer » Thu Apr 02, 2009 7:52 pm The system I did on mine was like the last day I was at Clay and Sons, with easy access to a bender, so I did a quicky, stock Y pipe, (sans cat), back to a Flowmaster 40, and 2.5" all the way to the back bumper. Jan 31, 2017 · Whether this was a TBI upgraded with Vortec heads and intake or an L31 downgraded with a factory flat-tappet cam actually mattered not for our test. We simply shifted gears from the installation ...

These heads---produced for the late 1990's 5.7L Vortec engine---have airflow characteristics that are better than even heavily modified, early GM castings and can support over 400 horsepower with careful intake/carburetor and camshaft selection. If selecting an aftermarket head, avoid choosing heads with too large of an intake port.

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Mar 11, 2005 · Plus, all of the stock TBI components bolt right onto Smeding s crate engine no modifications are necessary. It even smog-legal. This Smeding crate engine is not a rebuild. The TBI stroker long-block starts out with a brand-new GM 350 4-bolt-main block. This block is modified to accept a new nodular iron crankshaft and steel connecting rods.